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Update Archive 08-30-2021

13 November

QoL improvements

These days we have made a number of improvements to increase the overall quality of the game. Some animations have been speeded up during combat and during the purchase phase. We improved the round-robin algorithm for combat opponent assignment and fixed the issue where you couldn't see the next opponent. Duties can now be given more quickly by pressing the 'D' key. Some graphical improvements have also been made, for example the mionion level indicator as can be seen below:

We'll continue to make these kinds of improvements over the next few days.

Roll and RNG changes

Until now, as you leveled up, the probability of finding lower level minions decreased significantly, this to compensate for the much larger number of lower level minions in the pool. We decided to revise the numbers and make the probability curve less steep. This will increase the chance of finding lower level minions at higher levels compared to now, and slightly decrease the probability of finding level 5 or 6 minions.

New Card Back

Duels Master
Whenever you win a combat, you get an additional gold for the next turn.

(This back will be unlockable very soon with a Duels achievement)

Upcoming Updates

Very soon the new Duels mode will be released, don't have an exact release time but it's a matter of hours. A dedicated news will be posted later. Also coming is a Twitch plugin that will allow viewers to see details about cards by simply hovering their mouse over them or other useful statistics of the game.
Unfortunately we are forced to postpone the Clan Wars until a later date. With the new Duels mode coming soon, we don't want to split the players into too many modes, so we decided to wait for a time when there will be enough players.

Card Changes

card:2955: Now always gives Holy Shield to minions without Holy Shield.

(you can play this spell on all minions)


9 November

Ranking Changes:

We have revised the algorithm that assigns points at the end of the game, in case of loss now the points lost are less. The high volatility of values gained and lost depends a lot on the large variety of players with different rank in a match, so we preferred to put a cushion for now. When we monitor that the players are well distributed among the ranks and there are enough players to make much more balanced matches, we will remove this mechanism.

Card Changes:

7 November

Damage System, yet again!

We are not completely satisified with the current damage system. We want to address some of the issues with that system, for example it was a too common practice to powerlevelling and play a few level 2-5 minions in the early rounds of the game. That's not something we want. In order to discourage powerleveling but still keeping a fair amount of damage we are about to make the following changes. Our main concern is about the final part of the game, but we will continue to monitor the statistics and if this update is not enough we will act accordingly.


  • Upgrade Cost: the very first turn after the upgrade the cost of the upgrade is not lowered (it will be lowered the following turns);
  • Damage: your crew level + 3 damage per golden minion / 1 damage per normal minion + 1 damage for each equipment;
  • Level 6: a button to increase the damage of your minions by 1 for the next game will be unlocked (3 gold, repeatable).

Clan Wars

We are still working on the clans and are not totally satisfied with the result yet. Therefore we are forced to postpone the launch of the Clan Wars to next week: November 15th.


We're looking for an help with translations. If you can talk German, Russian, French, Spanish or Portuguese, please join our Discord server and contact us.


4 November

New Avatars

Since so many of you have asked us, we have introduced new avatars, discover them in your avatar collection.

Below is a small preview:


A storm is approaching our vessels

Force 7 sea and rain, is there a storm coming?


New Backs

When you reload the Morgan's crew, you have a chance to get a higher level minion.


Dragon Remains
When you sell a minion with Taunt, give +1/+1 to a random friendly minion.


Card Changes


3 November


2 November


1 November


27 October


24 October



We will soon introduce a new ranking system: Leagues!

  •  Apprentice
  •    Sailor
  •    Master
  •    Captain
  •    Legend

At the end of each game, the score you get will be calculated according to your final positioning and the ranking of the other opponents. Winning a game with stronger opponents will give you a higher score.

In the next few days all games played in the pre-season will be recalculated and you will be placed in the new ranking system automatically. Final rankings and placements may vary from the current ones!

The Leagues are in testing over the next few days, until the reset on November 1st where the first season and the first official tournament begin.

More details about the Leagues will be revealed after the testing period.

Spells and Equipment Changes

We have changed the level of some spells:

We have also modified the behavior of the card:3015. Now when it moves, during combat, to another minion, it does not replace its equipment but adds to it.

Cards Changes


23 October


Spells Changes

We made a major change to the spell system. We didn't want players to rely too much on high-level spells so we introduced a restricted spell pool. The new spell distribution is as follows:

Level 1 16 copies
Level 2 14 copies
Level 3 12 copies
Level 4 10 copies
Level 5 8 copies
Level 6 6 copies

Played spells, just like traps and unlike minions and equipment, once played are burned and not put back into the pool.

Cards Changes

These are the bonuses that the Arcanite Wyrm gains:
-Demon: Reborn next combat
-Beast: +4/+4 next combat
-Elemental: +2/+2
-Pirate: 1 gold coin
-Soldier: Holyshield next combat
-Mercenary: +6 attack next combat

These are the bonuses that the Avatar of the Forest gives:
-Demon: Reborn to a random Elemental for the next combat
-Beast: +2/+2 to all friendly Elementals for the next combat
-Elemental: +1/+1 to all friendly Elementals
-Pirate: 1 gold coin
-Soldier: Holyshield to a random Elemental for the next next combat
-Mercenary: +4 attack to all friendly Elementals for the next combat


19 October

These are the bonuses that the Avatar of the Forest give:
-Demon: Reborn to a random Elemental for the next combat
-Beast: +2/+2 to all friendly Elementals for the next combat
-Elemental: +1/+1 to all friendly Elementals
-Pirate: 1 gold coin
-Soldier: Holyshield to a random Elemental for the next next combat
-Mercenary: +4 attack to all friendly Elementals for the next combat

These are the bonuses that the Arcanite Wyrm gains:
-Demon: Reborn next combat
-Beast: +2/+2 next combat
-Elemental: +1/+1
-Pirate: 1 gold coin
-Soldier: Holyshield next combat
-Mercenary: +4 attack next combat


17 October


15 October


14 October


12 October

Equipped Minions now deal 1 additional damage at the end of combat.

card:2987: Duties now increase Bonus Damage by 1 from 2.
card:3027: Removed +4 Life Bonus.
card:3009Stats changed to +3/+2 from +3/+3.
card:3033Stats changed to +1/+2 (+2/+4) from +2/+2 (+4/+4).


8 October

card:2995Level changed to 5 from 4.
card:2857Level changed to 2 from 3.
card:2928Level changed to 6 from 5. Now double only Attack and not Stats.

Various activations fix.


5 October

An important change has been made to the Damage system.

With the next update the Damage inflicted at the end of combat to the enemy hero will be changed. From now on it will no longer be your Crew Level plus the Level of the surviving minions, but instead will be equal to your Crew Level plus 1 damage per surviving minion or 3 damage per surviving golden minion. With this change we want to make it less punishing to be at a disadvantage in the early stages of the game.

Base Backs finally added!

The last missing achievements to unlock the latest Backs have finally been added. You can find them in your profile.

Card changes:

card:3034: Reworked.


4 October

An important change has been made to the Rune system.

From now on, Runes will be divided into Common Runes and Legendary Runes. A Legendary Rune will be unlockable with 15 tokens. You can get tokens through wins, achievements and quests. Once you have unlocked a Rune you can use it as many times as you want. At the beginning of the match a choice of four Runes appears: two Common Runes and two Legendary Runes.

The Legendary Runes are these:

Other minor changes:

card:2899: Now only 2 copies needed to turn into Golden.
card:3085: Now works properly showing always the most common subtype.
card:3796: Fixed a bug where an incorrect number of coins was produced.
card:2983: Fixed a bug where summoned Imps had no Taunt.

Various gameplay fixes.


24 September

card:2912: Moved to Level 4 (from 5).
card:2977: Moved to Level 5 (from 4).
card:3755Removed Double Strike.
card:3773: Now use 10 Arcanite (from 30).
card:2959Base Stats are now 6/6removed Reborn.
card:2955Minor Rework.
card:2981Base Stats are now 4/7Duties give now +2/+2 (+4/+4 Empowered) from +3/+3 (+6/+6 Empowered)
card:2990: Now need 8 (from 12Arcanite.
card:2868: Now use 10 (from 15Arcanite.
card:2907: Now generate 3 (6 EmpoweredArcanite from (4 Empowered).


23 September

card:3771: Now give +2 Attack (+4 Empowered) from +3 Attack (+6 Empowered).
card:3772: Now gain +1 Life (+2 Empowered) from +2 Life (+4 Empowered).
card:3773Base Stats are now 1/1, and need 5 (from 3) Arcanite to gain +1/+1
card:2990: Now gain +1/+1 (from +2/+2).
card:3774Minor Rework.
card:2857Minor Rework.
card:3002: Fixed power bug.


22 September

card:2907: Now generate 2 (4 Empowered) Arcanite from 3 (4 Empowered).
card:2862: Now need 50 (from 30) Arcanite to obtain Ranged.
card:2990: Now need 12 (from 10) Arcanite for activate the +2/+2  and 40 (from 20) Arcanite to obtain Reborn.
card:3774: Now need 50 (from 30) Arcanite to obtain Double Strike and 70 (from 50) for Holy Shield.
card:2868: Now give +2/+2 (+4/+4 Empowered) from +3/+3 (Empowered +6/+6)
card:3758: Now use 12 (from 6) Arcanite to deal damage.

card:2993Level changed to 3 (from 2).
card:2988Level changed to 2 (from 3).
card:2995Attack bonus changed to 2 (from 4).

card:3754: Now deal damage (from 4).