Discover Runeverse: The new, incredibly strategic and fun, multiplayer Collectible Card Game.

The ultimate multiplayer card game where 3D characters come to life!


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Factions and Alliances.

6 Factions coexist in the Runeverse Universe, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Choose two factions to create your Alliance, but it's up to you to find the winning synergy!

The Fallen

The Fallen, once a peaceful people, now use the occult arts to summon cruel beasts and infernal demons.

Western Woods

The Western Forests, inhabited by natives and ferocious beasts, hides many pitfalls accessible only to the most daring!

Towers of Ar'han

The Ar'han Towers have long been a meeting point for the most powerful wizards who study increasingly lethal spells.

Zur'an's Lair

The Covo di Zur'an is the ideal place for those looking for luck. Inhabited by beings of all kinds, they are mostly pirates or assassins.

Empire of Vaal

The Empire builds on an army of tireless warriors, also protected by a sacred order always ready to put them back on their feet.

Mercenaries of Ogrim

The Ogrim Desert, a dark place, is said to be populated by terrifying creatures who live with incredible inventors.

New, easy to play, and incredibly strategic!

Runeverse has a simple and fun gameplay, we tried to combine the best elements of the card game gameplay to create a simple, fun but incredibly strategic one. Read the Tutorial »

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